Charles Warden

Business Development Manager
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Passionate Business Development Manager with a background in Psychology studies.

Learning & development is fundamental to everything I do. Creative problem solver who is results driven with a commercial eye. Positive and resilient through all challenges in high stress professional environments. Always promoting healthy team culture by celebrating wins and utilising strong people skills/client relations. All about stewarding my aptitude to ensure development is cascaded as my professional experience grows.

At Speedy Business Finance, my current role as a Business Development Manager specializes in financial and commercial lending. We provide a large range of tailored finance solutions for every scenario. Whether it's for working capital, development, construction, investment or just funds to grow your business, we will always accommodate. Leveraging my extensive expertise in finance and market trends, I excel in identifying new business opportunities, expanding market presence, and establishing strategic partnerships to enhance the organization's competitive edge.

With a results-oriented approach, I thrive in competitive environments, exceeding targets and driving revenue growth. I am skilled in negotiating and closing scenarios, always aiming for mutually beneficial outcomes that solidify long-term relationships with clients and partners. Leading by example, I foster a high-performance culture within my team, empowering them to excel and achieve their full potential. Collaboration and cohesive teamwork are at the heart of my leadership style.

I am committed to delivering exceptional service to clients, going above and beyond to exceed their expectations and build lasting trust. My client-focused approach has consistently generated valuable referrals and reinforced the organization's reputation as a reliable financial partner. Staying updated on industry developments and regulatory changes, I ensure compliance with all relevant laws and best practices in financial and commercial lending, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

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